How high can a bird fly? – 1 year on

Well, It’s almost 1 year since I got my CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) and what have we learned? Apart from that I’m absolutely terrible at keeping up a blog. Personally, I have loved every single second of it! Well, maybe not every single second, there was one time I was flying over Loch Lomond, and my ipad lost …

The Drone: Part 2… We’ll it’s up, now what?

Well, it’s in the air!!! So, the Mavic is up! I got it up in the air. So once it’s up, then what? Let’s do some fancy cinematic flight practice… Swooping shots over water (well, over land, but in my eyes if I can do it over land, I can do it over water). Let’s look at all the fancy …

What is it you do?

“What is it you do?” Simple question really, so why is it so hard to give a succinct answer? When I’ve ironed my only shirt, pulled on the tweed waistcoat (yes, tweed, I’m a sophisticate) and rallied all my enthusiasm together and stride into a business networking event, the question “So, what is it you do?” will be mouthed in …

It’s a Mess!

It’s a total mess. I’d go through it all, but it would take too long, suffice to say, it’s a total, fucking, mess… and I love it! Not my life… my desk! It’s a shambles.

Christmas Spirits

Ho Ho Ho! It’s apparently Christmas time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas… but this year Christmas seemed to start the minute the Halloween witches shut their door after witching hour… Hubble Bubble toil and HO HO HO BITCHES, HERE’S SANTA! I’m writing this in November!