Christmas Spirits

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s apparently Christmas time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas… but this year Christmas seemed to start the minute the Halloween witches shut their door after witching hour… Hubble Bubble toil and HO HO HO BITCHES, HERE’S SANTA! I’m writing this in November!

So how do you get into the festive spirit when you technically work in a small room at the end of your house… on your own? (I don’t technically work on my own, but very rarely in the studio the same time as anyone else).

It’s hard… very hard.

I’ve been writing festive radio ads for a few weeks now and I’ve surrounded myself with Christmas playlists on Spotify, mince pies, hampers for clients fill the studio floor, mince pies, I can hear the kids singing Christmas songs in the distance, I got the Christmas decorations out, had some more mince pies and yet… flat.

“Let’s organize the office Christmas party” genius idea. On it. “message wife: It’s Christmas party time… when do you want to get a take-away in and a bottle of cider each” We’re knocking the shit out of Christmas this year at granite!… and do you know what… it makes me sad.

Out of the studio my house is a huge mass of festive cheer. Our kids are super excited already, they can’t wait to get the decorations up, wrap presents (unwrap the same presents… we give up), see family, sing the hits, I’m excited because of them, so is Jane… it’s a festive hooly and… It seems to just stay in the house.

I’m sure it will come, it’s got to, but saying that, it’s still November, so am I worrying for no reason? Facebook is filled with happy faces being festive, but Facebook is always full of “my life is amazing” so best ignore that!

Pick up: It’s now December.. I’m getting there, but with adult life getting in the way… I JUST WANT TO FEEL CHRISTMASSY!!!! Tried to put the office Christmas tree up… it’s lost a leg. This was a very low moment in the Christmas build up…


Like the big man with his full sack… it’ll come… because we’ve been good this year, so we’ll just wait for it to hit…

Ho Ho Ho… mince pie!