It’s a Mess!

It’s a total mess.

I’d go through it all, but it would take too long, suffice to say, it’s a total, fucking, mess… and I love it!

Not my life… my desk!

It’s a shambles.

There’s the essentials, the laptop, the desk top, the hard drives, the phone, the mobile phone, the coaster(s), the mugs of tea, the lamp, the fan, the note pad(s), the briefs, the scripts, the schedules, the pens, the power bars, the pile of post-it notes with all my passwords that I’ll ever need, the headphone(s)… in fact it’s all needed… even the spare batteries, the usb cables, the camera accessories, the drone landing gear, the nail clippers, the TV remote for the broken tv, the lead model of Vinnie Jones from Lock Stock and two smoking Barrels… the lot!

And apparently it’s alright! Apparently I am possibly a Creative Genius! I’ve read the same research for many years now, but am only just starting to take it on board. You see, I try, I really try to keep my desk tidy. Especially at this time of year. New Year, New way of working bullshit.

I go out, buy new ring binders, lever arch folders (cause ring binders get too “snappy” for my delicate fingers). Folders, envelopes, hole punch, stapler etc and try to organise the place that I spend most of my waking day. But after, I don’t know… 3 hours, it’s a midden again.

From an outsider, it’s horrific to look at… but for me, it is tidy. I know exactly where everything is. What pile of paper consists this weeks on air dates?… that one. Where are the new briefs? There, there and there….

To back me up, I have found proper scientific research, from proper sciencefolk in that America!

“Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights,”

I mean, Einstein said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”

So there you have it. Messy desk, genius! Clean desk… square. And I’m taking that as fact!

And if you’re still not 100% convinced.. take the messy desk and add in some beer


You guys really are geniuses, like the best geniuses, like the best kind of geniuses on the planet and I love yous all… hic

More scientific proof there ladies and gentlemen.

So how much of a genius are you? What’s your desk like right now?

Now… where’s my distribution schedule? oh look, a Twinkie. Wonder how long that’s been there?