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Understanding 360°

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One question we hear is what’s the value in 360° camera work? We believe this is the lack of understanding of what benefits you gain through using such content.

Imagine offering customers an immersive experience as if they were actually there. This in particular works well in the tourism sector. When you wonder if that hotel room is actually like the photograph? 360° gives an all round trust worthy resource for customers to use. Exploring the environment in depth and at their own convenance.

It’s user friendly, allowing good shareability and therefore great for Facebook. A single 360° image can be posted and makes for standout content against other businesses. How many times have you scrolled through a feed and then seen an image move and catch your eye? You then either move your phone or use your finger to move it around. You’re already interacting with that page.

People are naturally curious, exactly what 360° utilises. Did you know you can do 360° aerial? This Fife 191 map incorporates aerial 360° to help with planning and entice visitors to the area–earlsferry

For estate agents, hotels, museums, showrooms and other businesses 360° enables the creation of virtual tours that allow potential customers to explore remotely, gaining higher leads.

Ever wondered how those quirky tiny planet photos are created?
You’ve guess it. 360° camera. Instagram doesn’t allow for moveable 360° images and that’s when tiny planets come into play. Provided stand out content and visually appealing sharable posts.

Lastly there’s one aspect that 360° works with and that’s VR. Have you got a stand at an exhibition and want to show customers an experience or feel like they are there? That’s exactly what Nevis Range wanted to do, bring the mountain to you.

It’s a great technology and should definitely be on your radar for marketing. 

Jane Robertson
Jane Robertson

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