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Drone. Whats the point in a CAA license drone pilot?

Drone CAA

I guess a lot of people wonder what the point is of using a drone pilot that has a CAA license? Why can’t I just buy a drone and shove it up in the sky?

There are so many drone hobbyists but with that comes a health and safety nightmare. The CAA regulates drone operations in the UK, ensuring safety standards and legal compliance.

A drone pilot that has gone through the testing and requirements to gain a CAA license has proven that they know the rules and therefore ensure high health and safety standards when operating. This gives any client peace of mind that there is a high level of professionalism and expertise in drone operations.

Operating out with the necessary licenses or certifications can lead to fines, penalties and even legal actions. Having CAA drone license ensures that the operations are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. These laws and rules are constantly changing to keep up with the world in which we live in. There are many rules in which the general public are unaware of when flying a drone. CAA drone approved pilot will maintain knowledge of these changing rules and adhere to them. 

Built up areas such as city centres and within proximity to airports can prove difficult to fly in. We make sure that all relevant authorities are informed and permissions are in place including with police, air traffic control and building owners.

The number of near misses between drones and other aircraft have more than doubled in the past two years according to recent figures. So let us put your mind at ease on any project that requires drone usage.

Jane Robertson
Jane Robertson

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