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Why chose radio advertising?

Radio advertising

Why choose radio to advertise on?

You don’t need to sit down, you don’t need to watch, you don’t need to scroll, you don’t have to click or jump through various hoops. All you have to do is use your sense of sound.

Audio is powerful.

Radio advertising can be fun, creative, emotive, intimate, the list goes on. Words have an impact on what we think, how we feel. Sound effects can set a scene and transport us in our mind to somewhere straight away. Music sets the tone, whether that’s through bespoke music, library music or jingles. However often overlooked is the power of silence. Not radio industries best friend but if used in the right creative concept, it can be amazing.

Now you’re sold on what a creative platform it is. How about the fact radio reaches a broad audience across different demographics and geographic locations. Especially with the explosion of digital radio the technology that can be used to captured data for a specific demographic or area have made radio advertising a great way to invest in marketing.

Compared to the likes of TV, radio is often seen as a trusted, more affordable and accessible form of advertising for smaller businesses and national brands have the opportunity to go UK wide or pin point specific areas.

Quick. It you’re tight for time. Air time can be bought quickly and the radio commercial turned around in a very quick time depending on the creative and radio centre clearance. The way in which radio breaks works allows for spots to be booked and repeated for great exposure. People often listen to the radio in the car or at work it’s on around us but you’re still taking in the commercial break providing multiple opportunities for the message to sink in, even if you think it hasn’t…it has.

Although as a form of marketing, radio can work stand alone, it works best when part of a marketing strategy with other forms such as TV, press and social media videos. Where there’s a clear creative across all platforms. The last thing you want is mixed messages that dilute a brand.   

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